Symposium on „Student Engagement in Higher Education Institutions”– 24th September 2020, University of Vienna

Call for Papers, Online-Symposium on „Student Engagement in Higher Education Institutions”–
24th September 2020, University of Vienna

Learning in the higher education context oftentimes takes place outside the
classroom, in different forms of student engagement, volunteering, or practical settings (i.e. counselling, mentoring, service-learning etc.). This conference is interested in the connection between the “learning through engagement” and its recognition within the university. Which formal and non-formal recognition of students‘ experiences by the university proves to be useful? Which steps are considered meaningful by the universities and their teachers in order to generate formal recognition and creditability in the area of “learning through engagement”?

The Online-Symposium on “Student Engagement” on 24th September 2020
addresses these questions and aims to be a forum and platform for all those, who are interested in an exchange, discussion, reflection, and active dialogue on the subject of student engagement.

In the course of the Online-Symposium, there is a special session for young
researchers to present existing projects in connection with the main subject of student engagement in the form of a paper presentation (about 20 minutes).
Please submit your abstract (1000 characters) to by August 1st.

The abstracts should contain the following information:

  • Title
  • Background
  • Methods
  • Results & Experiences
  • Points for discussion & relevance from an European perspective

You will receive a final decision until about acceptance until August 1st.

We look forward to your submissions and participation in the event!

For more information on the Symposium on “Student Engagement” see also

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